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>> Sunday, November 20, 2011


Christian Bale's Workout Plan

>> Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christian Bale is a wonder man who has immensely worked his body structure and changed that depending upon the movies and the character needed from him. He maintains his athletic body by undergoing arduous training and restrictive diet process. The meal intake is very important and the diet process provide crucial role for the physique of Christian Bale. Natural and quality food contents such as fruits, vegetables and salads. These nutrition menus can limit the blood sugar content in a low scale. Thus the low blood sugar can reduce the fat content in our body. Lots of protein filled stuffs and food materials are necessary for the perfect diet level. All these can give a great beginning before the workout process. The workout is begun by providing stability and strength to the whole body by the Chin ups and bent over method. If you feel the chin ups and bent over little bit difficult, then the cable rows can be done. Sufficient strength and power to the entire body is provided by the clean & press exercise where the barbell is lifted from the ground level to over our head. By doing squats, the energy is made to flow in full level and thus makes the body to acquire strength and power in shorter duration. Running or sprinting for certain time is very important for power training. Christian Bale prefer to go for jogging over some distance and later involve in full fledged sprinting action. The resistance power for the muscles is provided by lunges method where the leg is stretched by suitable barbells. Clap pushups is performed at the start in a slow phase and later increased it to the extreme level which our body can resist. Most of the cardio workout like lateral jumps and skipping will provide effective change to the bodybuilding.


Leonardo DiCaprio's Workout Plan

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the hottest celebrities in the Hollywood. He has been working tremendously to maintain his body shape in perfect structure. The Titanic hero is doing a great workout daily in order to fit according to the character in his recent movie. His eating habit for the workout is the most important thing in the basic level. So the diet list of Leonardo DiCaprio mostly consists of natural materials. Most of the food intake by the star includes organic foods which has great level of vitamins, carbohydrates and similar kind of minerals. Some of the main diet foods contains negligible amount of fat contents and thus this would be very essential for the fit of the whole body. Leonardo DiCaprio mostly avoids food that consists of large amount of calories in them. So in order to have physical structure, the caloric intake from his meal is minimized in greater level. Moreover lots of healthy stuffs are taken under consideration for a perfect meal. He does extreme workout and never gives up until the high cardio workout is attained. Leonardo DiCaprio follows strict workout routine and diet program. The workout mostly consists of unlimited number of bench presses and military presses. Furthermore repetitive numbers of straight bar curls are done in order to sustain the physical shape. Better look for triceps and backside of the upper body is given by working out with the rear dips of certain parts. The legs and arm parts are toned into perfect shape by working according to the weight loss exercises. The sits-up and pull-ups are very important routine in maintaining the strength of the whole body. To reduce fat content and attain weight loss in the entire body structure, strength training is done. First the strength training process is taken in a small level and then depending upon the outcome that we needed the scale is increased.


Brad Pitt's Workout Plan

Brad Pitt is well known for the maintenance of his body structure in most of his movies. He follows great level of workout process and high grade of diet mechanism for the perfect physical layout of his body. Good and natural diet product is crucial for the nutrition. Brad Pitt intakes lots of food or meals that have a greater level of protein level in them. High protein meals and low caloric foods are the important one for nutrition and diet process. He undergoes rigorous cardio workout where the unwanted fat contents are nullified and better look to the abdomen and nearby parts are visibly shown. The fat thus burned can effectively provide a ripped look to the body. Brad Pitt performs exercise for a particular part every day. He concentrates on Chest, Shoulder, Biceps/Triceps every day and thus the look and change can be ultimately adjusted in the way we like to have in our body. The workout routine begins by concentrating on the Chest and adjacent part by doing a minimum of 25 push-ups. The strength for the chest is provided by doing large number of chest and incline presses. The workout for the shoulders can be improved by the military press in which the palm is faced within during the initial stage and during the end of the workout it is faced away. Lateral and front raises method can still give a posture look to the shoulder. Brad Pitt mainly concentrates his workout routine by giving great importance to the Biceps/Triceps part. Triceps pushdown is very important for these kinds of workout and furthermore hammer curls and cable curls can be very effective. To have an overall body effect via workout, the best way to make it under control is by means of running in Treadmill for a quite interval of time.


Mark Wahlberg's Workout plan

>> Friday, November 18, 2011

Mark Wahlberg has done many different things in his career. He started out a hot shot rapper back in 1991 with his band who were called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. This made Mark Wahlberg get some recognition on VH1 where he was named number 1 hotty of the 90's He kept on doing his thing with his band until 1997 when he got his first big acting role in the movie Boogie Nights. After the sucess of Boogie Nights he went on to play big films such as Three Kings and Planet of the Apes. Mark has been used for model shots of the Calvin Klein range where he finally showed us his masculine body.

His routine is as follows:

Monday: Legs, Biceps, and Back.
Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Wednesday: Legs and Biceps
Thursday and Friday: Off
Saturday: Repeat Routine

In terms of his eating habits, Wahlberg adheres to a strict low carb diet and eats a lot of red meat.


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